How to choose the best tires for your Volkswagen E-Golf

Posted by:MH-SIMENFS

What type of summer tires should you choose?

Volkswagen Golf has been one of the world’s most sold cars every year since its release. With the Electric version, E-golf, its seems like VW has hit a home run, and sales are as good as ever.

As with most electric cars, the E-golf is heavier and has a lot more torque than most of its fossil fueled siblings. That, in our opinion, greatly influences the demands of the tires, and what characteristics you should consider when buying new tires, both summer and winter.

For example, most hatchback owners never really consider noise when they buy tires, as most of the tires in this category has decent noise-values and you simply don’t hear them over the engine running. However, as the only sound you hear in the E-golf comes from the tires, there is a huge difference between the brands. Not only that, there is a huge difference between types of underlay, and therefore you should consider what kind of roads the tires you’re looking at  is made for.

Why is there a difference?

Continental, Pirelli and Michelin etc. are made for central European roads, and these roads are widely considered to be the best roads in the world. Norwegian roads, which are in a lot worse state, and contain rougher stones to accommodate ice and spiked tires, are not considered the best roads I the world.

Because of these facts, our decibel tests on the Norwegian roads show that tires made for the American and Asian market, makes less noise on these conditions. However, tests on the autobahn in 140 mph. would probably turn out the other way around.

What you should consider is where will this car be driving? If you live in central Europe or in another area with pristine roads, you should consider tires made for that type of conditions (Nokian, Continental, Michelin, Pirelli)

However, if you live in an area with more dubious roads, you should really consider tires of Asian or American descent. The good news then, is that in addition generating less noise in your car, these tires come with the added bonus of being A LOT more reasonably priced, and generally last a lot longer. American drivers are generally a lot more concerned about the longevity of tires, which translates to the fact that tires that are sold over there, last a lot longer.

What brands should you consider?

We recommend Achilles, Nereus, Lexani and Road Claw for these conditions. In addition to all the properties discussed above, they provide a lot better value as they last longer and cost less!

If you drive a lot on central European roads, you should consider tires from Continental, Michelin, Pirelli and Nokian. 

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