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"Our companies vision is to be a successful global supplier of techological systems and procedures, trusted by our customers for excellent service, that ensures efficiency and innovative solutions for the global tire and rim industry"


Megahjul was acquired for developing industry software for the global market. Our software solution XCylon is a wheel-tire-car-images-articles-recommendation configurator that we began developing in 2012. 4 sister companies in the same group works behind the software and was acquired for building a test environment that follows daily routines and identifies all challenges within the industry.

The XCylon industry solution consists of several technologies that work together as a total solution for the industry. XCylon consists of a front-end that presents and configurates products, and a back-end solution for logistics, invoicing, CRM, quality controll, HMS, ISO-certification and history. Apps such as tire hotel, booking, claim handling is basic in the back-end. Learning, Surveys, factoring, EHF, helpdesk, terminal, barcode, e-learning are apps allready integrated.

The software converts customers to choose desired products that is a good ugrade for the EVs range, and of good quality. 

"The industry is in desperate need for new technological advances and our configurator XCylon will represent the future on to how our industry operates"


XCylon includes a huge database of experiance and knowledge for the wheels applications, what's fitting the car models, or not. ZAX Wheels program is part of the XCylon front-end solution. Other wheel programs can be implemented to complement or replace ZAX.

Product and market development

By using Xcylon we have identified a need for new product properties. We present our products with simple measurable properties and find manufacturers who can deliver optimized properties to our products. From 2023, we will start rolling out XCylon in Europe at the same time as we build up product lines together with the manufacturers that fit into the business model. WE are implementing a number of new quality systems on products and control of production, logistics and sales flow, and expect to be able to ISO-certify XCylon by 2024, with all routines available in real time on-demand in the XCylon software.

Tire factories that have a high level of expertise in developing and producing winter tires are in high demand in our first roll-out for northern Europe.

Manufacturers of Flow Formed (Rotary Forged) wheels, Forged wheels and Forged magnesium wheels are also important for the program we build in the first step roll-out for our many thousands of XCylon clients in Europe.


We provide products that result in significantly more range for electric cars trough lower weight and correct dimension to the vehicle. We also develop super-light weight Flow formed (Rotary Forged) aluminium and real forged wheels in both aluminium and Magnesium. Our wheel program experience high demand because of the lightness, and because the car dealers cannot meet the customers expectation in regard of design. Therefore, the ZAX Wheel program is based on two notions. Light weight and satisfying designs that fits the new car park in Europe.

Zaxwheels.com will later become its own business with its own distributor network in cooperation with Frigus EV, specialized winter tires for EVs.

FRIGUS EV Winter Tire Program

We have developed our FRIGUS EV winter tire with optimized properties for the winter season. FRIGUS EV was developed through focusing on drainage, good rubber compound, and softness combined with rigid tire sides. The result was FRIGUS EV ICE 3 which provides excellent qualities for heavy electric cars that appreciates these properties. Full drainage reduces aquaplaning, the rubber compound makes the tire last longer, and rigid tire sides makes heavy cars more stable. FRIGUS EV delivers these qualities with also being low on noise and lower energy consumption.

We present our products with measurable information that is tested on normal roads through normal driving. The tests are easily done, and customers can re-create tests themselves.

For most people, these logical and easy tests, is more trustworthy and accurate, than advertised tire tests and EU values (laboratory values).

FrigusEV.com will later become its own business with its own distributor network. We expect to distribute more than 260,000 Frigus EV winter tires to the partner network using the XCylon industry solution in near future.

Read more at Frigusev.com


In Fredrikstad we have 4 different warehouses for wheels and tires. Below you see the warehouse including the service point with shop and garage. total warehouse capacity is more than 7.000 m2. From the Warehouse 1 and 2 (no.1 below and the larger no.2 warehouse cross the road) we serve all shipments to Nordic and EU countries.

Megahjul i Fredrikstad

In Oslo our warehouse capasity is 2.400 m2 , but no space for tire hotel service. Every second car in the garage is a Tesla, but we hope to get more customers with other EV brands during 2023.

Megahjul i Oslo

From the ZAX Wheels and Frigus EV store i Oslo ( sept. 2016)



Do you represent a manufacture of tires, wheels, TPMS, Wheel accessories, please send your proposal to: oslo (at) megahjul.com

Investor relations: Mr. Trond Aaslid, ta (at) safeinnovations.com

Zax Wheels, upgrade your EV

About us

Safe Bil AS was established in 2012 and is a company experiencing a very healthy growth rate, and with a solid ownership structure including NOK 8,0 mill. in share capital in addition to loans and guarantees. The corporate purpose is to provide the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions for tires and rims via the configurator here at Megahjul.com. The software, XCylon, is being developed by our group companies in cooperation with us that daily work in Safe Bil AS. The people that work in Safe Bil As are experienced engineers, economists, and IT-professionals in a perfect mix. We gather knowledge og data each day, which is being added to our databases for car-models, pictures, articles, rims and tires. This makes the website more intelligent each day, and provides both a better experience and price for the customer.

If you represent companies in this industry and want to know more about how we rent out the software running this site, with or without content, do not hesitate to contact.

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