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We don’t use registration numbers and you can’t search for tire sizes. Our configurator is made to eliminate mismatched combinations.

Find the best tires and wheels deals in configurator below. Enter car model in the field, press confirm and select the appropriate model. All offers and prices are deals including services and valves. This can not be deselected. Balanced according to vehicle manufacturer specifications provides best results, and we prefer to supply the best result.


While our workshops provide the same service and knowledge you expect in regular store

Compare & experiment

You can compare the different tires on parameters like price, season and properties and be 100% sure that they are approved for your car. Create and experiment with different tire-combinations while you are saving money and receive top notch service in our workshops.

You get to see the wheel on your car before you order 

This includes measurement of the new offset, circumference and track width. You can also view pictures of the rims on your car after you have made a complete quote.

Products not in local stock can be ordered from National storage

Megahjul will always strive to keep the most in-demand and our recommended products in stock. If your tire of choice is not in stock we can order it, and receive it in a couple of days.


All offers will include mounting on car at one of our certified workshops

This is to make sure that the wheels are balanced and mounted in accordance with our own high standards.

You get the best deals during the winter and summer months

It pays to plan your wheel purchase ahead as prices are much lower during these periods. We ship across America and Europe.

If you want the fastest and best service, you have come to the right place

Our advanced configurator for tires and rims combines with detailed recommendation and tip articles to give you the right wheel for your car.

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Save money by receiving online prices from your local wheel dealership across America

We recommend tires based on our extensive test driving customer feedback program. At you will find that no brands get “special” treatment and get recommendation unless it’s been proven to work better than the others, by our customer reviews. As you scroll through our stock you will see how the tires has been graded by both European and American authority’s. When you find a tire you’re interested in, you can click to read one of our in depth tip articles which discuss the tires pros and cons. You will also find that we recommend certain tires that our customers are especially happy with on your car.


Unique Concept 

Easy to use & Accurate results

Easy to find the best deal

Always great discounts.

See the rims on your car

In different angles and colours.

Shows new dimensions

Compared to original dimensions.

Shop from your home

Pick up locally the next day.

Plan ahead – Save money

Buy in low season – Mount.


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