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We ship goods both nationally and internationally. Customers will get a shipment option on the last step after choosing products on our website


When goods must be ordered from EU-stock or be directly shipped to customer

If customers want goods that we need to order from a supplier, we need a payment in advance. The same goes for shipping orders, both national and international. If you shop at Megahjul trough a drop-in appointment, you just pay in our store using bank accept or a credit card. Payment with a regular bankcard, bank transfer or cash is free of charge. Other payment solutions will trigger individual applicable fees.

Payment when shipping goods

When ordering goods that must be prepared and sent to a respective address, payment must be made in advance. This can be done trough bank transfer or by Klarna invoice (pay within 14 days) or Klarna account (repayment of 3, 6, 12 or 24 months). With Klarna, you will not be charged until delivery has taken place. The price offers you get on our website are valid for 24 hours. Price changes can occur rapidly, and the price today applies unless you have received order confirmation from us, no later than one working day after. If we are late in confirming your request, we will reserve the price for you, even if the price changed in the last 24 hours. Shipment abroad is sent without VAT. VAT and customs are paid in the country which it is sent

When shipping goods, the right of withdrawal extends from 14 to 30 days

The right of withdrawal is a right customers have to regret the purchase and thus return the goods. When using the right of withdrawal, you must pay the return costs. If the goods (tires + rims) are assembled, you must also cover the costs for assembly and disassembly. If the goods have been used visibly, and they cannot be sold as new, a return fee of at least 50% will be charged. Damaged items will not be returned and must be paid fully by customer.

When returning goods, you are obliged to pack goods thoroughly so that shipping damage is avoided. Injuries due to miss- / poor packaging, the customer will be charged. Returns are either through Schenker at our request, or the goods can be delivered at our locations. Right of withdrawal does not apply to over-the-counter purchases. If you still wish to exchange unused goods, we will always strive to find a favorable solution in addition to the current right of exchange for recommended goods. 

When we send the goods to you, you must check the entire shipment for damages

Upon shipment, the buyer is responsible for checking the products for defects and / or damage before acknowledging receipt. If deviations are registered, this must be added to the signing so that this is logged with the carrier.

Deviations in the stated weight of wheels and tires can occure

We frequently change and upgrade the specifications of many wheels and an increase in the wheels load capacity can often result in minor increases in the measured weight. Same deviations can also happen with tyres, since factories are constantly making small changes in production. No refusals are accepted if such small changes occur.

In the event of major currency or price changes from third parties, we reserve the right to correct price before final order confirmation

We reserve the right to correct incorrect prices from EU stock, and we will inform customers as soon as possible if we detect errors. If prices become more expensive, customers are always free to cancel orders. EU stock includes Sweden, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. Shipments from Sweden goes fast, and up to 15 working days for the rest of Europe. 

Delays from subcontractors may occur in seasonal highs

Stock delays may occur in the seasonal highs from subcontractors because of stock capacity, handling & packing and transport delays. Megahjul is not responsible for delays from subcontractors and no refusal can be demanded on the grounds of delays from our suppliers.

Warehouse rental cost accrues if customer is delayed in picking up goods when shipped

Customer is responsible for additional costs such as warehouse rental cost or other fees that may incur if goods are not picked up within the notified deadline from the carrier. 

Prices change continuously but are locked by a confirmed payment

All prices and discounts are variable and change according to various factors such as season, changes in currency and price changes from suppliers. As a result of this, prices are only valid for 24 hours on the price estimates printed from the Megahjul website. This is also stated on the printout or the PDF document that can be saved. 

Wheelsets, rims and tires must be paid in advance for reservation

This also includes machining of rims marked with “BLANKS” in the article text, and we spend 1-2 days completing these. This is because of the bolt circle and / or hub must be drilled with a CNC machine in our technical department. 

Tire pressure sensors (TPMS)

Tire pressure sensors comes with a 3-year battery life guarantee. TPMS that must, for various reasons, be reported or programmed into the car is at the customer’s expense. Defect TPMS are rectified at our workshops, or we send new sensors. Installation of a new sensor must take place at our workshops to be free of charge, or the customer can use an external workshop at their own expense. 

Property rights

The seller has ownership of goods that have been delivered until the invoice requirement has been met. Any additional receivables that have arisen in connection with the sale and delivery are included in the invoice requirement.

Summer tires with “M + S” marking

Many of our recommended summer tires have a small “M+S” mark on the tire side, even though they are not winter tires. The reason behind this is that in the US, all summer tires must have the desired property of low temperatures and slippery conditions, since many people in the US use the same set of wheels throughout the year. Therefore, in the US, all approved summer tires must have the marking on the tire side. This marking does not apply to EU/Norway as winter tires. Furthermore shall the tire side also include a small illustration of a snow crystal, and a winter pattern with suitable winter rubber. The “M+S” marking still indicates very good rubber for wet and cold days on Norwegian roads. Meaning the “M+S” marking is a good indication of good rubber properties. 


The Purchase act applies to all products, and unless stated otherwise, the guarantee applies to one year of business purchases, and two years of consumer purchases. Warranty applies against manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover lack of maintenance on rims and does not cover incorrect tire wear. Improper tire wear is consequential damage caused by faults in the car’s wheel position, suspension, shock absorbers and / or incorrect air pressure.

Hot driving damage such as overload on the tire or too low air pressure is not covered. Warranty against flat-spot or damage caused by flat-spots does to apply.

Chrome-plated or polished rims are delivered with a limited warranty on the surface, and any defects in the paint must be notified with 14 days of receipt of the goods. Such rims are delivered without a warranty on the surface. When fitting re-painted rims, no guarantee is given against paint damage during installation. We experience that repainted rims have very soft paint that is easily scraped when tires are pressed on the rim. When buying loose tires that are fitted at other workshops, the tires must be fitted according to the car manufacturers requirements specifications, which includes wheel balancing with tension in the bolt holes, and not in the rib hub center.

See link to article here

Right of exchange of recommended tires

We offer a satisfaction guarantee on our recommended(link) tires (marked with a green recommendation banner) within 5mm wear if you are not satisfied with the driving characteristics or other conditions. If you have purchased summer or winter tires out of season, you can still change tires within this scheme. With shipped goods, the right of exchange does not cover shipping cost either way, and customers must cover these costs themselves. Furthermore, when exchanging to more expensive tires, installments must be paid in advance before we start.

When exchanging, customers pay installments for the goods, but we cover the assembly work on rims at no cost. Car mounting is additional. With this procedure, customers can feel confident with unknown tire brands that we recommend. Customers can also test these tires for a few days(has to be specific) , and possibly replace them, if the product does not meet the customers’ expectations. Rims will not be replaced. If we have managed to deliver a product that is not approved for the car, we will have the order rectified free of charge. The right to exchange recommended tires does not give the right to cancel the purchase.

Studded winter tires

Studded tires should only be used on wither surfaces. When driving on wet and dry asphalt, customers must expect the studs to wear down rapidly, and when spinning and / or hard braking, customers must expect studs to be torn out of the tire. When using studded tires on asphalt surfaces, customers can complain that the studs wear down and / or that studs are torn out of the tires.

Read more about the use of studded tires in this article.

Warning against trusting EU values because these are the manufacturers own laboratory values that has a strong correlation to advertising

A common misconception is to believe that EU values are transferable to a respective car which drive on normal roads. We have disproved the EU values on several occasions with sufficient data to back our claims. Everyone should be able to copy and do a tire test themselves with real data and real results. For example when testing tire noise: the EU values is based on a car driving past a microphone and they base their “Tire noise” results on a highly misleading form of test.

We base our “Tire noise” values on measuring decibels inside the car on normal roads, which produce the most accurate tire noise results.

Production date on tires

All tires are sold as new unless they as advertised as “demo”. Demo means that the tires may have been removed from other new cars, they may have been used in a test-drive, or someone may have used the right of exchange. If they are visibly worn, this will be stated on the website. New tires are still considered new, even though the actual production date can be up to 5 years old, if the tires are stored correctly meaning in a dark, cool and ventilated place. Tires with a 5-year guarantee on rubber quality apply from the date of sale. Customers have a 5-year guarantee from the date of purchase, regardless of the date of production, against hardening of rubber, no matter how worn the tire is. In practice, this is the entire life of the tire. 


If customers have a complaint on some of our goods, this must happen before the goods are visibly worn, without undue delay from the time the product is used. Wear damage due to incorrect wheel position and / or too little air the tires will not be covered by the warranty on the tires.

For tires purchased but no mounted / fitted on our workshops, the warranty only applies if the tire is unused. Our warranty does not cover damage or incorrect installation by third parties.

When shipping tires and customers use a third party for installing, it is the person who proceed with the installation that is responsible for a good result. If a third party does not correctly fit the tires, then the tires must be sent back for inspection, before we send new tires. Shipping costs will not be covered.

Defects in wheel balancing at Megahjul must be notified immediately without undue delay so that this can be rectified before wear or damage to the goods occurs. Imbalance in tires and rims occurs if you hit holes in the road, curbs or wear/tear caused by worn shock absorbers and / or incorrect wheel position.

When handing out complete wheels. These are adapter-balanced and controlled for height throws. If you are not satisfied with the accuracy of the wheel set, this must be notified in writing without undue delay so that we can set aside an hour for repair immediately. If you experience vibration in the wheels or tires that have been fitted at other workshops, complaints about the fitting job must be directed to the respective workshop.

See information form Bridgestone (the worlds largest tire manufacturer) which shows the causes of damage to tires.  

When wheels must be rebalanced in our workshop

We only rebalance wheels that are free of dirt, ice and mud. Especially in the winter months, a dirt coating often forms on the inside of the rim, which creates an imbalance in the wheel and this can cause to car to shake. If customers show up at the reserved time at our workshop for wheel balancing with wheels that has a dirt layer that must be removed, we reserve the right to reject the job. We do not clean wheels in the workshop. Though, if we have the time, we can proceed with cleaning of wheels, but this assignment must be paid in advance at NOK 1.250,- incl. VAT. 

Reserved goods that we cannot deliver

It may occur that customers want to reserve goods that we are short on (this also includes EU-stock). For example: if we have 4 left in stock internally or externally, it may be a possibility that the number is not correct, or it may be a damage on a product. We always try to check products as early as possible, and we reserve the right to cancel a reservation if such errors occur. You will be refunded the respective amount paid or choose other products at current prices. The seller has the right to change the item to an identical item with another name, as long as the item is 100% identical, and without a reduction in the price. 

Reservation against wrong prices and wrong inventory

Our website reads prices and inventory from our warehouses, inventory from third parties, and foreign warehouses. Errors may occur in the readings, or errors from third parties that we can’t take the blame for. We rent a computer system from third parties and subcontractors that may have errors in pricing and stock for various reasons. We reserve the right to correct these errors, and you will be informed of this as soon as possible, so you can decide whether you still want the goods, or the replacement of goods that we propose. 

Choosing larger wheels than the standard dimension

Many customers often want both bigger rims and wider tires than what the car original came with. Bigger rims and wider tires require that the respective car has wheel position, wheel suspension and storage that are in very good technical condition. Small wear in the wheel suspension and storage may cause a situation where the driver experience vibrations.


The seller is only responsible for ensuring that delivered products is accurate within normal standards, measured in a balancing machine. The seller is not responsible for vibrations and / or incorrect wear of tires caused by the reduced technical condition of the car. The buyer is responsible for ensuring that the car is approved for selected tires and rims, if the buyer chooses something other than what is stated in the car’s registration. If you choose wheels that does not exceed 5% in rolling circumference and rims that does not deviate more than 7.5mm, and the tire side does not go outside the screen, and the tires’ load capacity is equal or exceeds the maximum axle pressure divided by two, then you will be within the Norwegian government requirements. If you choose tires and / or rims that have different widths at the front and rear, it must be found in the car’s registration documents. The seller is not responsible for such documents being available in Norway for your respective car model. 

Shipping between Oslo and Fredrikstad is free of charge and happens regularly

Items in stock in Oslo and Fredrikstad are delivered on the same day upon confirmation of price estimates. Assembly usually takes approximately 30 minutes, and it is smart to book time for assembly in advance. There may sometimes be a queue on the phones in high season but inquires via the website are often served more quickly.

Shipping to your place of residence appears on the website when you select the postcode in the last step.  

Seller and buyer’s responsibility

The seller has the product responsibility. Meaning that the product must correspond to the information provided on the website. The buyer is responsible for the products being inspected and fitted to the car before installation, and that the products being installed on the right car, when this is done by customers themselves. The seller commits to check that the product fits the car when the assembly takes place at our locations.

Tires and rims with sub-products must only be fitted at an authorized tire workshop. The seller is not responsible for consequential damages caused by third parties. If the buyer has modified the car with changes to the chassis (lowered the car) and / or changes to the screens for which tires and / or rims are ordered, so that what is configurated for the car model does not fit, then the buyer is responsible for the following which occurs when the products do not fit the car. The seller can not be held responsible for the products not fitting modified cars.

Disclaimer of errors on website

We reserve the right to correct stock errors and price errors on the website. Meaning if we discover an error that is significant in relation to the correct price, stock and delivery option, we reserve the right to waive delivery. When such errors are discovered, we will inform about the error as soon as possible.






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